Graduation 家长代表致辞| 宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来
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  Distinguished Center Principle, dear teachers, parents and students: good morning!Today, as a parent representative, I’m honored to participate in this graduation ceremony.


  Firstly of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the subject teachers, counselors and tutors for your three years’ of companion and hard work. It is your precise teaching attitude and scientific teaching approach that enable students to gain knowledge in a relaxed environment and get offers from their dream universities. How great you are!
  Secondly, thank you to all the children. Not only friendship but also capabilities have you won with your mutual help, learning and encouragement. We parents are so proud of you for your hard work and arduous struggle. You really have achieved a lot from learning.
  You will step into the adult world and your graduation is right around the corner. Here on, on behalf of all the parents, I would like to express our expectations to you:
  1.Improve your time management skills. As the saying goes, “Time flies. Lost time is never found again.” There are different orders of priority for different stages of life. Cherish every minute, allocate and schedule your time properly so that you can make better use of your life. Make sure you emphasis on your phased study so that you can achieve most with the shortest time. Otherwise, you will have to spend the rest of your life making up for not striving today as time is money.
  2.Learn how to self-encourage. Be good at praise, especially self-praise, and boost your confidence since confidence is more important than gold. No gold can be 100% pure and no one can be perfect. Guide yourself with the new “Wooden Bucket Theory”[2]. Life is like a sports competition; every player has his own specialty and no one can win all the prizes. Make the best of your strengths and improve your weaknesses to get both the breadth and the height.
  3.Develop the spirit of bearing the hardship. You will go to different countries for further study before long. What will come are the different environment, religions, culture, diet and classmates. Be well prepared for the upcoming challenge because you will feel lonely, helpless or even sense of loss and you will have to deal with all sorts of problems on your own. As the old saying goes, “No pain, no gain; difficulty is like a spring which is strong when you are weak; you can’t see rainbow without wind and rain.” I hope you regard all the hardship as your first experience in your adult life. Grow up while pulling through and success while solving problems.
  4.Specify your life goals. Know what studying aboard is about—— it’s about broadening horizon, majoring in what you have a passion for and making your dream come true. Hope you learn to control yourself in the great freedom, resist the temptation in this colorful world and adhere to your original faith.

  My dear children, within 100 days, you will be leaving home, leaving your parents to fly on your own. I cannot help feeling down and sobbing every time I think about it. Forgive your mother and father for not being around, for not preparing delicious meal for you. We are reluctant to have you leave but we cannot stop you. We can only express our support and blessings to you. I’m afraid every parent in the world thinks the same. Again, wish you a bright future. Let’s cherish everyday left for us together. Thank you so much.

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  [1] “木桶理论”指出木桶储水量由最短的那块木板决定。新的“木桶理论”指出,如果将木桶向长板方向倾斜,其储水量就比正立时的木桶多得多,因此加长长板也可以增加储水量。
  [2] According to “the Wooden Bucket Theory”, the capacity of a wooden bucket is determined by the shortest stave. “The New Wooden Bucket Theory” states that if the wooden bucket is sloped to its longest stave side, its capacity will be much bigger than being vertical; that is to say, extending the length of the longest stave can also increase its capacity.

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