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June Du

June Du

  Hello everyone! Here is June presenting one of my University of Toronto college essays (Trinity College).This is my favourite essay among all the essays I wrote for my university application.However, I was completely shocked by this question at the first glance:
  And it looks like this:



  In order to broaden my thoughts, I have asked quite a fewfor their opinions when they look at this picture. One comment I couldn’t agree with more was “Those unknown stuffs in the picture look like a swarm of worms”. But at last, I figured out how to respond to this question in my own style—although worm is a wonderful idea, the amount of biology knowledge it requires is beyond my level.
  Besides, I want to express my gratitude to my counsellor Ms. Chen Xi. She was the person who inspired me, and the one who read my essays(which sometimes even I myself didn’t understand what I was talking about) patiently and carefully to correct any mistake. Also I want to say thanks to my dearest friend Lindsey, who helped me a lot improve this essay.
  And one last sentence before reading: I personally prefer the Chinese version.So please don’t ignore it if you do understand Chinese.
  Please enjoy!
  The Boats
  Life is a boat.
  Every boat looks the same, but in some ways greatly differentiate. They may all be coloured in blue, but every of them were made from different woods, the tones and shades of their blue as well are each distinct.
  They all wait quietly on the coast line, for one day time comes for them to sail. They look thin and fragile, making people doubt whether they can face the huge waves and storms on the ocean.
  They start off their journey, eventually, being away from the blooming coast.
  The scenery on the ocean is distinct and colourful: salty breeze brings warmth and peace; grey storms roar to destroy everything; sunset paints the whole picture orange; fulminations tears the sky.
  Despite the similar or different experiences, most of the boats have found another harbour to moor. Some, however, did not make their ways out of the bad weathers, being turned into fragments.
  The boats may meet each other someday, finding out the changes and marks on their friends left by life and time, both physically and mentally. They might sit together, talking about their dream destination at the very beginning when they all laid around the island. Were them realised? Or were left as jokes?
  I am still in some sense na?ve, insisting my dream persistently, although I do not know whether it is a dream that will accompany me all along until I have it realised.
  I have never been to the furthest part of water in the world, and I do long for getting there. I understand countless boats have sunk on the way, some others give up and choose to stay in the comfortable harbour. Every successful boat has experienced unbearable difficulties, looking either desperately or hopefully the failure of the previous boats, rowing hardly.
  They feel desperate because they realise success is that hard. Being hopeful because it is a way to demonstrate themselves. Failure can make their success more valuable.
  And me, a boat that just sail off from my harbour, also adjust my compass to the direction where my destination lays, marching.
  Following the dream.
June A2 1

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